investing software???

r there any indicators for swing trading that u would recommend ???

i am very very new to technical please be more specific

You can use a combination of trend indicators like moving averages and overbought/oversold indicators like RSI or Stockastics for swing trading.

have a look at this tutorial on swing trading

Maybe you can make a request to traderji for some info on swing trading
thanx......i've just started learning to use metastock by referring to the manual.....however if any of u know about a dedicated swing trading indicator kindly inform (as it'll take me some time before i learn metastock properly, and then build my own indicators)

thanx once again
The "perfect technical indicator" is a trap. Unfortunately, many users of technical analysis software have fallen into the perfect indicator trap. Convinced of their programs power, these users undertake a determined search to find the perfect indicator(s) that will lead them to trading success.

It is, for them, a silver bullet that will slay the market. Somehow, the indicator is supposed to correctly predict a security's price movement on every occasion. Its perfect entry is supposed to produce financial results that many people only dream of. However, most successful traders have come to realise that no such perfect indicator exists. It doesn't today, never did, and never will.

There is no Holy Grail of trading. There is no set of conditions that will let you know without fail how to make a profitable trade every time. Do not get sidetracked by the idea that a Holy Grail may exist. The reality is that any charting software for that matter, is simply a tool to be used in your decision making process!
thanks amc for enlightening me about the same........since i'm a newbie to tech analysis i was unaware about this and used to get pretty impressed with the way the above mentioned websites advertised their products, making a nivice feel that these indicators can make money for u easily.....thanx once again
You are welcome rxalva!

Invest in some good books and/or subscribe to a trading newsletter to dive right into the markets.

I personally use a futures newsletter from and

Make sure to select a trading style that suits your pocket (for those unavoidable losses) and emotional temperment before you take the plunge.

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