Intuitions about trading .


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one of my belief - all candles are manipulated - I study hourly candle fr my mcx trades .. I found that 1st 10 min and last 5-7 min of candle often trade against trend .


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My intution is very simple. and works out... if i trade against my friends position, i will make extradinary profit

i will earn more lakhs per month


if we trade against newbie trader method, we will always make profit
the money of d world is equaly distributd equaly among all ..den smtime down d years..d rich wil b more richer n d poor wil b more poorer.2 think abt making money is a state of 1 trades d oposite even if u feel 2 bcoz ur subconcious mind was never wired 2 make it believe d way u u can .

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