Hallo Friends,

I introducemyself as layman day trader in index only. While I hope to receive valuable guidance in my area of trading, I would lilke to share my experience. At present I take decision by making sure about the main trend by observing 3/13/34/and 55 min EMA and then open yahoo free charts with twenty minutes Ema only.

For uptrend:

I make sure that the 20 min Ema make atleast 45 degree angle with the parallel lines (showing steps of the index) while moving up and a full white candle is formed. Next, I go long when next white candle starts forming atleast 61% above the previous candle. I square up as when a blue candle appears.

For down trend:

Reverse of the above and going short with blue candles and squaring up with appearance of first while candle.

Thanks and good wishes to all.

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