intraday trading with gann square of nine


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Dear guys,

I have been trading since 2012.mostly equity and day trading. In my experience i lost some amount of money and again i made profit.and again i loss.

I have tried many strategy.sometime works and some time not. below are my past intraday strategy.

1.2562 dhiraj system
2.camerilla pivot
3.many technical indicator with chart.
4.gann squares of nine

Among these no system is great.
But gann system some what good.

Now i am going to tell my experience using gann square trading.

Mostly recommended value is Ltp.

But i used Three values,

2.vwap price

These three working not best. In my experience open price is best to put in gann square.

Iam earing small profit in Ltp, Vwap values.
But if u put open price in gann square of nine really great
It gives almost more winning trade than two values.

Anybody want to earn using gann method you just put the open price of the stock you will see the surprise result.

Why iam telling my experience will help to new comers. And dont want to waste time on above systems. Defenitly other system Except gann method which i mentioned will not create wealth.

Sorry for my English.



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