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HEllo IndianBulBear,
why dont u trade instead of this false marketings---What u r stating ---is is old stale news---Everybody is aware of---
Traderji---Plz take necessary action---
wow,this character is a new low of all the despicable marketing characters we've had so far.



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Hello Experts!
Just wanted to clear my doubts about RTdatafeeds as I am a intraday traders prefers 5, 1 min charts usually. After a bit of homework I am stuck with esignal as it has really good performance reviews but not 2 figure out what will suit me as esignal itself is having so many different products and it is bit confusing as in ; ; all of these websites are owned by esignal and inside each it has got plently of choices with different features and prices for horses!
If I have my own charting software software, will you guys recomend livecharts from esignal as it is looks good(in-demo) & only $20 compared to $95, $120 etc for quotecentre, qcplus etc. I am aware of the VAT and exchange fees on top of that.
All these feeds provides streaming RT data so which one will be most recommended from esignal and why?? I will really appreciate if experts can throw some of their views??

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