Intra Day : SAIL


I'm trading in SAIL on Intra Day basis. Somehow, most of the times i fail to understand whether it will go up or come down (on a particular day).

I have ended up loosing some money in this.

Just, I want to know is it possible to predict the movement.
What is the Outlook for SAIL for tomorrow?

I mean whether to go for Long or Short?

Please Suggest me
Many thanks

Hello srisara

The month of April is churning for different stocks to exhibit theiir robes in performance.
Whenever leader stock exhibits on that dayits color that industry scirpt get waves otherwise market in this month sit at fence to watch its results and make up the mind.Steel has to have trigger from global demand and supply pattern. Steel looks peeve.

Hope u obeserve more and gather more from varions sites to get ur further frame of mind.

With regards
SAIL price are decreasing drastically. First time in past 3-4 months it's showing around 50.On 25th May the results will be declared. Any updates from experts ?

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