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hey tracerbullet,

I used mtnl before as well but once their line got bad had lot of probs. Quit it. Anyways i dont do intradays so am ok 2G. Hey your RTD feeder was good used it and loved it. Still making any softwares.:thumb:

Yes, this year there were some problems few times but since then its working fine now.
Only what i want / need. Have plan to make something to manage portfolio but later ...

Hi Tracer,

Re : Btw, Does Nest work without re-login if your ip changes? Not changed ip, so do not know, but it does connect automatically without having to log in if disconnected due to net problem. (With TradeTiger have to input user id, password, trading password!)
Just did a quick test, it reconnects after ip change. Changing isp should hopefully work, atleast if done right away.
Logically it makes sense to ask for login again as your ip changed but anyway ...


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Get wired connection has main internet
and 3g dongle based has secondary internet

I am using Hathway has main internet (Hardly goes down)
For secondary connection me waiting for jio to launch :p
Ever since my Rcom stopped CDMA last week, I have been going nutty.

Finally, have some solution. Yesterday I got idea 3g (Rs. 80 /1GB starter pack, 655/5GB top up - not yet recharged). Works ok, as good as Rcom CDMA good steady speed.

Then today I also got Den broadband (Rs. 650/30GB-5mbps). Will use it tomorrow for regular market and revert.

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