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Hello, everyone!

I studied forums a while ago to learn Forex. And one day, I banged against one interesting program. So, I have decided to use it (it was Forex Tester) for learning before creating a live account. Why did I do that? I didn’t want to share 90/90/90 fate. Where 90% of traders throw 90% of their funds away in the first 3 months (90 days).

What can I say about this software? It has its own strengths and weaknesses.

One of the most powerful advantages of FT is its interactive training course. It helped me to immerse myself into the trading universe thanks to its simulation feature. I was able to learn a lot of Forex topics in a half an hour. In addition, I could check my trading ideas and strategies on historical data in the blink of an eye. The backtesting processes are up to the mark in Forex Tester.

I have found out that I should level up my skills and improve my trading plan. I will train harder before going live. I hope this program will help me to practice and boost my knowledge.

The saddest disadvantage for me is the lack of intermediate and advanced lessons. So far, software has only the educational course for beginners. I suppose other courses will be added in future.

I hope my experience was helpful for you. Well, I could buy courses that cost an arm and a leg, but I didn’t do it. Why? I didn’t want to get trapped into the marketing fraud. I wanted to try something for free at the beginning.

Wishing you all to find the right software!

Hulu Girl

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The best way to make some good money online would be through dwelling in the real Forex market, so that you could learn to earn with real money.

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