interactive brokers real time data

has any one used realtime data from interactive brokers. they require minimum balance ( its not clear from their website what exactly this amount is?) to be maintained. data is provided free.however one needs to generate min turnover otherwise min$ 10/month is charged. this data can be used with metastock and amibroker. so if one assumes that without doing any trading we opt to pay $10/month for data only, looks very good.

is any one using it or any hidden charges are their? can any one suggest?



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I don't think u can download this data to Metastock / Ami.
They provide this data to their own charting and trading platform and this charge of $10 is towards that. Generally brokers have to pay something to exchanges (atleast in US/UK mkt) so IB recovers that from clients by charging $10. But if one gives enough business to them i.e. brokerage is > $10 in a month, then this amount is waived off.

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