Interactive brokers 2019 need suggestions and reviews.

Hi Guys,
Would you recommend IB for short selling, as i have zerodha and iifl but they have many scrips blocked for shorting especially in small cap.
Thank You .
I've already talked about IB in so many similar threads talking about brokers that I don't want to repeat myself again, you can just search through my post-history.

You already know how much more advanced IB platform is compared to almost all of the Indian brokers, & I'm sure there are other useful features you'll find out about as you go along because there's just so much packed into that platform.

Minimum amount required to open account is $500, so roughly Rs.35,000, & thereafter, you'll need to have at least $100/Rs.7,000 in the account in order to continue to get market-data -

I'm not an investor, only an intraday-trader, so I can't speak from an investor's point-of-view but I guess IF I was an investor, I'd love their GTC orders since I don't think any other Indian broker provides them. As I understand, with other brokers, you have to place your SL & TP every morning on your investment-trades but with IB, you just need to place them once & forget about them, & that one thing alone would save so much headache for investors.
Typically, I use GTD orders, which get auto-canceled after a specified time & date, for instance, I don't want to take any new entries/positions after 10 a.m.

In short, trading with IB has been a good experience, & I've been doing it for a year & a half so far, & in this period, I've only had platform-trouble ONCE whereas with Zerodha & some other discount-brokers, it seems that there's some platform-glitch every few weeks. For me, the only negative point about IB is that their margin-requirements for intraday are not as good as other Indian discount-brokers.
IB also has an inactivity fee of Rs.200/month, which might be a negative for investors who rarely trade but for traders like myself, who spend more than Rs.200 per month in brokerage, it gets waived off.

If you have any specific questions then ask away because a couple of years ago, when I was looking for people here to answer my queries about IB, there was almost no one here to answer them, & hence, I don't mind helping others out with their IB queries as much as I can.
Do IB provide level 2 quotes for indian stocks? and has they lowered the opening charges since then????

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