Indian Taxes for Overseas OPTIONS USA trading

Am planning to do OPTIONS in USA markets using IB or TD AmeriTrade.
So, can some one let me know what will be the INDIAN TAXES levied and the structure?

For ex: if i trade with 2000$ and get 100$ profit, what will be taxes? Tax as per the trade or from my yearly taxes?
Vice Versa, if loss of 100$ traded with 2000$
Please explain..

Any tax variations based on the long term and short term profits booked?

Thank you


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Are you living in a bubble? How can you trade foreign markets when you are not allowed to?

You will go to jail if you do and tell government about it


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who said it is illegal? you can transfer founds outside India and invest in stock markets/F&O under LRS mechanism.

As long as money is dealt through normal banking channels, there is no issue.

With regards to taxation, options on US exchanges will be taxed as speculative income under Indian tax laws. the taxation shall be based on overall income during the year and not on each transaction separately...

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