Indian FORUMS very similar to exists

Indian FORUMS similar to

Hi everyone,

At the very outset it must be admitted that traderji forum is the best resource...and yes see i based my decision of choosing online brokerage entirely based on posts here...and i can call that i did take informed decision making...

I would urge that if anyone knows any forum which exists on indian stocks then plz share for larger benefit of everyone...

to start with after traderji...

i find forums very very useful...

thanks :p

[email protected] (i love emails) :D
join yahoo group "stockwinner", In you get some recom. for puchase and sell also at stockwinner.

My Belief this forum as only the best place where the members intend to help each other.
Check out They have recently started something called "Heard and Read" that carries everyday's market gossip, views, newswire etc and its updated almost every hour and its free. The site frequently carries some free analysis on some stocks although many of the analysis are for paid clients. They have also started a message board recently but its nothing close to what we have here at traderji.
There is nothing like that I have come across. I am just waiting for to start live chat services where we can all log in and chat in real time.

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