Indiabulls Cheats Investors

Hello Friends
I Would Like To Tell U All That How Indiabulls Creats Great Problem To All Investors I Bought Something Today And Paid The Cheque For It In The Evening But Even The All My Trades Were Cut Next Day From Delhi Office When I Ask They Told That U Have Pay The Cheque But We Have Not Recieved Amount Untill Cheque Clears U Have To Wait. It Means Some One Wants To Buy Today He Has To Pay Three Days Before So That Cheque May Be Clear.
What A System I Have Never Seen It At Any Brokerege House In India
It Has Also Happened With The Director Of Madhav Marble Bse Listed Marble Company He Paid The Cheque But All His Trades Were Square Off Next Day Because He Did Not Pay In Advance. What Indiabulls Think Abt Investors That Cheque Will Be Fraud Or The Investor Has No Reputation. So Beware Of Indiabulls
Spiral Trader
Spiral Trader,
No Cheating.It is as per the rule and terms and condition.
Ref the clinet agreement form you have signed.In that read abt the pay ins and pay outs.
Even when I was at 5paisa, the rule was them 2 days before payin date.
You can take margin finance facility from them to avoid such things in future.

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