Hi ,

I have got few hundred of stocks of Indian Capacitors LTD & Basant Agro Tech (India) Limited which i brought for rs 31.50 & rs 30.50 resp recently. Now both these stocks have dipped by almost 7 to 8 rs.
Hence , can anyone guide me on whether i should hold or sell these to avoid further loss ?

Thanks in advance,

PS : I followed the followed recommendation & invested on these stocks :

It is a low-profile company but one of the largest manufacturers of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors (AECs) in the country. The company has equity and technical collaboration with LEC, Taiwan together with buyback agreement for 25% of production. Boom in the telecom and power sectors has seen the company performing very well in the last few quarters. Repaying complete debt the company is now virtually debt free. For trailing twelve months net profits have shot up by 80%.

Positive B.V. and dividend paying the company has good value at current levels. Buy this telecom and power ancillary stock for target price of Rs75 in both short and medium term.

Basant Agro Tech (India)
Company has a strong presence in Agri Sector and is considered one of the leading player in Agro Based Industries, Agriculture has been and shall remain vital sector in Indian Economy and promises to have its dominant position in years to come. Basant Agro bering part of this core sector shall be key contributor in the segment.

Monsoon season provide further thrust to the fertilizers share, Basant agro has two division i.e Seed Division and fertilizer division so the valuation for this stock should be higher than fertilizer share. We expect a EPS for the current year at Rs 4-5,
honestly speaking i do not have ideas about these stocks.but people keep getting into these penny stocks out of greed and then fear follows.i hope u r making money in other counters.although u provide some rationale behind above investments. i think u should check whether these have been sustained performers. if not book yor losses bcose these are stories which r propogated by people who want to get out at hgher prices.switch over to some very good ideas that r floating in our forum stock tips

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