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Kite is nothing but HTML version of Omnesys !!!

For PI software OMS & APIs are being used from NEST. Hence you can't expect overnight miracles from Zerodha. Its all about 'old wine in new bottle' :D

I have came to conclusion that Wisdom is preparing their own software instead of hiring few features from multiple vendors. Hence it will take time but when it will be available it must be unique in India for sure:)
There are two types of TA Traders. 1. Use the broker software for trading & a charting app for TA and input entries manually 2. That use some sort of connect glue to semi-automate or automate their orders.

What users could do with is a broker application that stands between the user's TA app & the Server OMS at broker's office. Broker would have to release an application for each TA app his clients use. BUT little memory footprint & little processor footprint, as it would be a barebones order relay & status convey app. Client would not have to load two full fledged apps.

Second method would be for the broker to expose an api and accept connections from client applications at his server, with protocols like FIX and any private developer can code middleware apps that connect one or more TA app to one or more brokers. As risk management is anyways at the broker's oms, it should have no problem.

I for one lean towards the second option as one could use the tool one excels at.

Just my two paise worth ;-)


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Top three Trading terminals available in India are :-

1. PIB of India Bulls.

2. Trade Tiger of Share Khan

3. TT Terminal of India Infoline.

Even though Zerodha Pi has been created a buzz, failed in traders expectations due to lot of bugs.

Wisdom Capital is also making their own trading platform and it is under beta testing phase. Being a trader, let us have our own discussion and survey ...what exactly we traders want from a Broker as far as trading terminal is concerned.

Let us help each other to make a 'state of the art' trading platform for 'us' Indian Traders community.

Wisdom Capital fox trader is also one of the best trading terminal in india.

Wisdom Capital

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Wisdom Capital fox trader is also one of the best trading terminal in india.
Thanks Harmeet !!

Apart from Fox Trader, NEST & Tradeeye we are going to introduce Wisdom Pro & Wisdom Trade for Mobile & web-based, advance-state of the art trading platform.

In Wisdom Pro Mobile App, we are going to introduce Trading from the chart feature, which is first of its kind being introduced in India.
They recently launched their Wisdom Pro mobile app which is worth recommendable to every traders. I am using this app since last week and i found that the charting feature is most unique feature are there now we can easily trade form the chart. The notification part also very helpful for me.

Wisdom Capital

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Thanks for the comment!

Wisdom Pro is a feather light app (installs in just under 3mbs of storage space on mobile and is the least space consuming app offered by any discount brokerage in India). It is just the first version of the app. Kindly wait and watch this space: In the near future, we promise that we will be adding certain features that will intrigue the traders in the sense that no other trading app will be able cope up with us. All our efforts are focussed on providing the best in the category features in Wisdom Pro.

Nonetheless, Wisdom Trade (HTML5 based web version) is already considered best in the market as per the reviews received from the the trader community.

Wisdom Capital

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Thanks very much for your comment. We had designed the platform in exactly the fashion you have appreciated. Many thanks again from the top mobile trading platform: Wisdom Pro

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