Improvements needed in Fyers web aka Trading view! (clients)


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Hello Mr. Khoday,
As stated above by the members and your self as well, Margins is certainly something that Fyers can do better at as there is a scope for improvement. Yet i trust you to take an informed and wise call in this regard.

Apart from that, some features that i would state.

1. Along with the default watch list's, please include an "Underlying F&O" list as well as u have in the Desktop and mobile apps.
2. Pine Script editor and Custom Indicators. We need it. Period. TY! You can charge a reasonable fee for those who really need it and thus would not mind paying.
3. When making a pop-out of the charts to another tab, the "Watch-list" tab does not get ported and thus there is no option to change the script in the charts of the new poped out window. While the "Drawing Tool Tab" does get ported, such is not the case for the watch-list tab. Kindly look into that and make it possible.
4. When adding symbols, the suggested populated list is static and there is no scroll option. This is troublesome specially in case of F&O scripts. Also it often happens that some option contracts do not show when searching with partial string text.
5. In the Dashboard, it would be convenient to have a "One Click Close" option in the form of a "Cross Sign" at the end of every open position. Just makes things simpler and faster. A "Close all Intraday Open Positions" and "Close all Intraday Pending Positions", or similar options would also add to the flavour.

That would be all for now. I have some more but they do not pertain to the Web application per say.
More in the Next, as and when i find them.
Regards, :)

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