Importing EOD Data in Excel sheet for selected scripts


I keep track of about 100 Scripts.
I want to import the EOD prices for my selected 100 companies in my excel sheet every evening from BSE/NSE.
I shall be grateful if the members can recommend a method to do the same
I am presently doing it using the Web data query function of Excel and then giving the link to the yahoo finance site but for the past few days i am getting an error message saying that it is an invalid web query for most of the scripts.
I do now want any fancy analysis or historical data, just plain simple closing prices for my scripts.
I shall be grateful if the members can suggest a method for doing the same in Excel
Hi.. If we want to get the real time data from BSE and NSE, then how it is possible? Because only brokers terminal have the rights to access it, so how to get the data from brokers terminal into our excel sheet?
In indiabulls, the data for all the scripts you have in your market watch is written in excel sheet in your portfolio folder
If you acess that folder you can see the prices for the scripts you are interested


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