IL&FS Investmart

Hi traderji,

can you also suggest me about this broker if you have any information howz this broker for long term

and what type of suggestion you will like to give me

to open an account as i will be only doing over phone cause am a frequent traveller on which broker would you place you green light for me

your opnion also will be very usefull

I have selected IL&FS investmart and sharekhan which one do u think is fine for me.:confused:

Traderji waiting for your reply.

Thank You
Hi Harry,

IL&FS is good so far not much heard about them so can't say much. So just look forward and try to contact them have a word with them and u can discuss with them. If they suit you all well other wise u can open an account with them they also take direct orders through there phones.

hello harry,

u can go with sharekhan as they take orders through phone call via toll free nos, you can excess their site and put your orders you can call the local office from where u have opend the online a/c.
these people are providing good investment tips to their clients like stock idea, investor eye and their monthly mazine valueline.
their reports format are also good.
so i will suggest u to go with share khan.


take care
Hi Harry,

i suggest you go with icicidirect.
I also had 2 options: icicidirect and sharekhan.
The reason i did not select sharekhan is because:
1. for trading in BSE, you have to go to their nearest location
where they have a PC connected to their Online server or u
have to call toll-free number.

2. You should have a bank account with one of the 5 banks
namely: HDFC, Citibank, OBC, UTI etc. You need to do transfer
the amount to trade etc.

3. Though the brokerage is less.
with sharekahan 0.50 for intraday trading, 0.05 for delivery.
with icici 0.75 for intraday trading, 0.1 for delivery

4. With icici, u have 3 accounts, one trading account, one demat and
one savings account. Depending on the amount in savings, u can trade.
With sharekhan, u can get credit 4 times the amount in savings,
but u have to pay it up the next day, whatever credit u have taken.

Make u'r decision.

Although i have filed my application with icici on 13th Dec, i am
yet to get the account to trade.

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