ICICI Demat Account... Help!!!

ICICI Bank's problem is associated with the internet settings you can visit a sify cafe and see how fast the site works. It is slower with a shared DSL connection better get a dial up cannection or broadband. Anyway nowadays ICICI have provided a special facility of DBC services where you can get the benifit of having a broker working for you at no extra cost. I am associated with a DBC his cell no is 09435040662. And more over for the next querry you can trade from anywhere in a ICICI Demat account as long as you have internet connection & money in your accout


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I have faced no problem with ICICI Direct Account.

Howeve,r I feel they need to upgrade their servers and connectivity.
However you can't do intraday trading. They provide F&O and BTST i.e. buy today and sell tomorrow which is a poor substitute for intraday trading.

For T+2, ICICI is just fine. Charges are said to be on higher side but I have no experience about charges of others nor I intend to find out.
Hi, sattvic2780
As far as internet trading I think an account with a trading company would be better than a bank, as they are for specific job, the support would be better in these companies viz Indiabulls, Sharekhan etc.
Previously I was using sharekhan and had some small problems with software (as the up dating is slow, tracing orders, modifying, deleting would take quite a lot time, you need to refresh then and there to check the tasks / pending orders etc.).
Now I am using indiabulls Internet platform that is pretty fast, and is as comfortable as trading in an ODIN platform. I find it very comfortable.
hyderabad said:
Dear Readers,

I am anew enroll for Traderji.com can u pls explainme what is DEMAT account..

Thanks & Regards,
Mohammed Moiz
Demat refers to a dematerialised account.

Just as you have to open an account with a bank if you want to save your money, make cheque payments etc, you need to open a demat account if you want to buy or sell stocks.

So it is just like a bank account where actual money is replaced by shares.

You have to approach the DPs (remember, they are like bank branches), to open your demat account.

Let's say your portfolio of shares looks like this: 40 of Infosys, 25 of Wipro, 45 of HLL and 100 of ACC.

All these will show in your demat account.

So you don't have to possess any physical certificates showing that you own these shares. They are all held electronically in your account.

As you buy and sell the shares, they are adjusted in your account.

Just like a bank passbook or statement, the DP will provide you with periodic statements of holdings and transactions.

Since NRIs in USA are not able to open an online trading account like icicidirect.com, what are the other options for selling shares from DEMAT account.
sattvic2780 said:

im using ICICI demat account..

facing hell lot of problem.. many times the server is down, or during day time the speed is too slow..

guys can you suggest a better choice?
what about HDFC..

im using a 256 kbps line. so internet is not a problem at all...

please reply me fast..

try india bulls
dear Pkjhah
why not of course u can do intraday trading in icici ie margin trading is possible u can also use margin plus to get more margin if u want. position gets squared off at 3-3.10 pm u go to buy select nse & in product select margin & take intra day position. u cant trade intraday on bse in icici. thats fine but like sattvic says server problem especially on vv imp days like results of infosys , budjet day or when lot of traffic during peak hours like 10.45 to 11.15 am & sometimes closing time i have complained this to icici but in vain i use 512 kbps india bulls is good

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