ICICI Demat Account... Help!!!


im using ICICI demat account..

facing hell lot of problem.. many times the server is down, or during day time the speed is too slow..

guys can you suggest a better choice?
what about HDFC..

im using a 256 kbps line. so internet is not a problem at all...

please reply me fast..

HDFC is also good,

I use sharekhan, kotak and HDFC bank, all of them are good, I have never faced any problem with these demat accounts. I personally like sharekhan, it is very good.
I trade on ICICI Direct.com and check on my Demat Account with ICICI on their website almost everyday. No problems so far. I have a real 128 kbps line , speed is quite fast.

Never faced a problem, so check on your comp.




everything is fine..

but i do intraday trading.. their server gets so much loaded particularly 10 to 10.30 and after 2.30... i also have 256 kbps line.. i alsmost get above 225 kbps on average..

but still i want a better account..

ok letus see..

i have one more doubt..

can we access DEMAT account from abroad when we are on outstation, like US especially..

I trade using HDFC sec online didn't have a problem so far.You can only trade in NSE using HDFCsec so i recommend you go for other securities if you trade in futures and options or want to trade in BSE,otherwise HDFCSec is good.
Kotak is much faster and Better account. In long run there charges
are lowest and you save a lot. They also provide generous margins
on the trading. There are several other benefits which i think no
other portal can provide.

R K agarwal
[email protected]
hi agarwal ji.. fine i also heard about kotak securities...

what si the margin percentage the offer normally..

what about refund of IPO money? is it required to collect personally and put into the account..

do they have SB accnt, or we can link our existing SB accnt to the kotak mahendra accnt..

IPO refunds cheques/warrants/drafts come from the company's shares you applied for and will be attached with the bank account you have attached with your demat account (can be of any bank)

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