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Hi Alex,
How can use y a h o o finance/ibulls d o t com into amibroker or any othere s/w for intraday.Please give detailed ans.


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sorry vijay, i dont use it in amibroker.. i use it web based easy 2 available y a h o o finance on net.. very simple as that .. might be others would help u . regards
:) hello every 1

please give ur valuable suggestions about icharts......

is it good for beginners......

please post anything u know about icharts...........

i guess it is d cheapest available charting facility available in realtime......only rs.650/month.......

please post as this will help all d beginners......as charting is the most important part of trading........

any valuable suggestions will be appreciated.......

thank u all :)


There are free options available as well.


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Hi Friends,

Somethings you can try are

Try QuoteTracker (Free versions) - You can obtain charts using NSE realtime & Historical Data

Try FCharts-SE (free version) - In combination with utility developed by me at http://www.traderji.com/software/23292-downloadbhavcopy-utility-excel.html & you can plot charts using BSE intraday data as well as historical data from Yhoo, BSE & NSE.

Search forum for the detail help.

Hi Alex,

I have doubt about Y!ahoo finance Quotes...i think they are delayed data not live..how can we use them for Intrady ?

Thanks & regards


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