I need to purchase a large vehicle for my business. What should I think about when I am searching?


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Frankly speaking, it's not a meaningful question. To give recommendations, more specifications are needed. At least it's necessary to know what cargohandling capacity you require.
I recommend Mercedes Vito mark. The're both for cargo and passenger transportation. It depends on the purposes. The car is great in terms of comfort and price.
You need to be more specific in your description than ''for my business''. What kind of business do you need the vehicle for? Also, do you have a budget limit or is there no limit? Give more description, so that the forum members can help you.
Do you have any budget set for it ? Do you know any sizes of it or so anyway ? Do you know how much fueld it should consume and so on, if it's really true you are just need to look in google to find some company and then tell them this thing for sure.
Have you tried to contact some manufacturers or some local dealers regarding that matter anyway. Do you really think it will be there or not ? I am completely lost for example. IT seems not that hard task anyway totally and completely. do it;)
Here are 7 things to keep in mind when purchasing a large vehicle for business.
1. Choose the size carefully
2. Keep the important add-ons in mind
3. Don't underestimate the competition
4. Consider aesthetics
5. Stay true to your purpose and review your options properly
6. Prioritize fuel economy
7. Get your business car insurance right

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