I need 3EMA crossover indicator with my rules applied

Hello all , I am new in this forum and i guess i can find some one here from the experts in programming...

And if there is any one going to help me in this project and finds it complicated and requires lot of efforts. i can pay money for the efforts of the programmer so feel free to ask for money if you want.

My approach is simple, I need a simple EMA crossover indicator for the following plat forms.

Meta trader 4 - Trade station - E signal

The EMA cross over that i need has some features.
Allow me to provide you with all details required for my request.

The indicator.
3 EMA crossover with sound alert and visual window alert.
- I can choose the number of moving averages that make the cross meaning i can choose either 2 or 3 can cross each other and max 3 i do not need more than 3 averages.
-The alert will start as soon as the averages make the cross meaning during the candle progress if the cross accrues the alert starts and that means i do not want the alert after the candle close.
-Multi time frame and that means i can run this indicator on my current time frame but i can let it read the higher time frame that i choose it to be
example: If i am on 5 min time frame and i want the alert to come on 15 min then 15 min is my higher time frame so if the cross happens on 15 min time during the progress of the 15 min candle the alert comes on the 5 min time frame and later i will explain the visual plot of the indicator. so i need to be able to specify the desired higher time frame period .

The crossover condition.
-The crossover should be on the candle as soon as the cross happens not when the candle closes and as soon as the cross accurse a sound alarm is activated with a window alarm telling me the condition on which time frame happens. And the alarm is 1 time i do not need the alarm to be reactivated each time the cross happens as the cross is going to be live during the candle progress there will be times that the cross happens on the candle and disappears so if the cross happens for the first time just alert me once.

OK i will move now to the Indicator plot section and i will describe lot of things.

The indicator visual plot.

i will explain with example.
let's say a chart is open right now 5M

my lower chart is 5M and my higher one is 15M so i can choose from the indicator settings 15M is my higher time frame to start monitor for signals on that higher time frame

i will attach the indicator to the lower chart which is my current trading chart. the 3 EMA's are 3 ,5 ,13 for purpose of this example.

lets say now that on the 15 min chart which is my higher frame that i am using and i chooses from the indicator settings to let 15 min my higher time frame as the indicator is multi time frame.

Let's say that 15 min now activated a live up crossover signal during the candle progress meaning that
3EMA >5EMA and the 5EMA now is > than 13EMA during this tick of the 15M candle this will generate alert cross up on 15 min
The plot on the lower time frame would be like that:
the 5M candle that made the crossover happens on the 15M will have a big black arrow under it as long as the condition is still in place. and the alarm will be just one time and let me explain that

let's say now during the 15m candle progress the up cross happens the alert comes on 5m and the arrow is plotted now if the cross disappeared now meaning that the 5EMA value now goes under the 13EMA during the few coming ticks that happened then the big arrow will disappear from the 5M again and if the cross happened again (5EMA>13EMA, and of course 3>5) after let's say 4 seconds then the arrow will appear again under the candle on the 5m chart that made the cross BUT this time with no sound alert nor window alert and that will prevent a flood of alerts each time the condition is met during the progress of the 15m candle.
Ok now if the 15m candle closes with the condition in place the arrow will still in place under the 5m candle which made the cross happened on 15m and that finally will be a physical plot because the condition is met on 15m and the 15m candle closes which will confirm the cross, and if the 15m candle closes with the condition is not met then there will not be any arrow plotting on 5m frame.

I hope that i explained all the required information to make this indicator alert, please any further info you need post and let me know

and i need this indicator as soon as possible

thnx in advance
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