I have pnb [email protected] or sell plz suggest???


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If it goes below 26.30, sell.
If it breaks above 29.8, it is quite likely to hit 38.30. My opinion.
Let others also give their views.

Also, do consider why you bought in the first place, that can help avoid future mistakes.
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I dnt understand with technical view.. tell me clear me hold or sell??
Consider this . . .

Maybe you also don't want any Buy/Sell opinions . . .
You just want some one to confirm you existing bias,
so if in case you take a wrong decision then you have some one else to blame . . .

Have a nice day


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@rks. Teachicals don't work on fundamentally weak stocks. Pnb is not a fundamental bet even at this level to my limited knowledge. But during a discussion with few friends very recently one guy who is a research analyst was recommending this stock. Basically he was talking about some in-depth fundamentals and outlook that this psu bank could take a turnaround very soon. I did not pay attention so cannot provide details.
But one simple funda is retailers should not enter into loss making stocks. We can buy them high but buy when they have positive EPs.

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