I am new to stock market


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Hi, I am totally new to stock market, I want know how can we earn from stock market. Any one please help.
How much you want to earn? What is the time period (1 Year or 2 Years or....years )in which you want to earn that much? What is your capital ? How much of your capital you are willing to loose ? Can you spare 5 hours per day or 1 hour weekly or 1 hour monthly? Do you have any other source of income for your daily living expenses ? Answer these questions honestly, then it is possible to suggest ways.


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stock market
Trading Lea phapat dee phapat :- 5 to 10% daily profit and 100% loss in a day
Investing :-- 21% in 1 year on condition u buy at right price a good stock
time frame 1 yrs min .. tax free (3 yrs may be now on lol)
so what u want to do
  • If you are new to stock markets , you need to do a couple of things to help you get started with profits
  • Figure out the type of trader you want to be . There can be traders who follow fundamental investing (who concentrate more on company strength than prices) or there can be speculators (who are more concerned about the price movements. So, if you are looking for good returns you should follow fundamental type of investing.
  • Trust your observations and gut feeling than relying on mentalities of your acquaintances. Just following your fellow traders blindly is not a good strategy in the long run.
  • Have a disciplined approach of investing by studying the history of markets . Sytematize your approach and never let your emotions overpower your trading decisions.
  • A very important advice for newbie’s is always invest surplus funds. One should never invest more than he can lose.
  • Take moderate level of risk and calculate the risk reward ratio before entering in a trade / investment.
If you can handle your emotions, and can cut your losses short and ride winners, then enter.. first learn any method, or find any expert and trade it's recommendation, demo trade for 3 months, if profitable, then trade with a small ac with real money, also keep a regular source of income, keep trading as part time intially.
Hi, I am totally new to stock market, I want know how can we earn from stock market. Any one please help.
If you are new to the stock market, then ask yourself what kind of a trader you are, learn the fundamentals like make realistic goals, invest surplus amount, how to keep your emotions aside and trade rationally and don’t try to time the market.

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