Hum honge Kaamyaab!


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In the latest India today, some remarks of Mark Twain, India is the cradle of the human race. The birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grand mother of tradition.. Now, if all the market participants knew that, where would it take the Sensex?

If Saddam Hussain knew Technical Analysis, he might say that this statement at least in certain respects is the mother of all divergences. In this context, our fundamentals have always been solid but technicals have rarely kept abreast. Most Indians do better abroad.

To me ,India is just a country with a lot of spiritual knowledge but with very little application. Even if we were great and rich once upon a time, how does it matter now?

Today it came in the papers that people like Bill Gates and the Intel CEO, Mr Craig Berrett worried about the way India and China are forging ahead. In an article, India China out to eat Americas lunch, Mr Barrett said that while it is natural for resources to gravitate towards talent, he was worried about his grandchildren. This is really indicative of prosperity and such developments augur well for the market.

Now that is something to cheer about. Only goes to corroborate the all time great spiritual message, This too shall pass. No prosperity or backwardness is perpetual.
It is said that There are tides in the matters of men which when taken at flood lead to fortune. From that point of view, the years ahead maybe very good though one wonders whether it will mean prosperity for majority.

Talking of grandmother of tradition, Lalloo prasad Yadav may come back in Bihar and even his brother- in-laws wives are wanting to join full time politics in the footsteps of Rabri devi in "following the trend" or "keeping up the tradition".Some political families carry the tradition forward the way the FIIs carry the open interest positions forward at derivative settlements. The way Lalloo gauges the political market sentiment and plays to the gallery, he could easily give the analysts a run for their money. Lalloo and Technicals is again a heck of a divergence. Politics is the only field where one's stock can go up despite shoddy performance because there are no clearcut fundamentals or technicals to monitor it.

How can such trends lead to all round prosperity?. God alone knows whether or not Chidambaram shall be able to follow his own trend. In his last couple of years as FM, the current PM also had to bow to the market; in their case populism. The market is everywhere and everybody has to yield to it and all markets do not complement each other all the time.

Some NRI had said once sarcastically that India is a land of the future and shall always remain a land of the future because of its policies. Well at least in that context, we can sing that song Hum honge kaamyaaaab ek din, man me hai vishwas, pura hai vishwas a little more realistically now.

Drawing a parallel with the market, isnt that song more applicable for short term trading; especially day trading because from the way some people have posted in this forum, building a prosperous India seems to be easier than to succeed in day trading.

India may or may not be great but an Indo-Pak cricket series is great entertainment. That trend also changes because of populist pressures and the politicians replace the cricketers in entertaining .

Lets hope that the cricket trend never changes. Looking forward to the series. There also the song seems apt when one remembers what happened a year ago. Unlike politics, here the trend requires perpetuation.

Kaamyabi ke liye hai sabhi betaab
Ab woh sirf nahi hain khwaab
Prospects lag rahe hai laajawaab
Kya hum honge kaamyaab?
Kya hai aapka Jawaab?
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