How would you describe a Revolutionary Online Trading Platform, what will it have?

I am building an online Trading Terminal and would like your views on what will you be looking for?

1. Advanced Charting - similar to TradingView - Trade From Charts
a. Typical Charts - available in Tradingview
b. Market Profile Charts
c. Orderflow Chart (footprint charts)
2. Multiple Indian Brokers Integration - Trade from Charts and execute trades in multiple accounts (Broker Hedging)
3. Unlimited Alerts
4. Unlimited Watchlist (both pre-defined and user defined)
5. Alert based Order Placements (Algo)
6. Analysis Platform - Live Market Scanner, FNO Analysis (similar to
7. Option Trading Platform ( Similar to ThinkorSwim TOS platform)
8. Strategy based trade execution. for example, Trade 'Nifty Option ATM Call Buy' from Nifty Futures Charts.
9. Affordable Data feed to power the application.
10. Realtime Chat service among all users, create Chat groups, etc.
11. Realtime News from sourced from all the financial sites

Option to include Fundamental Data for analysis can also be added.

What else a serious professional trader wants?

Please provide your views?


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I'd say deliver the basic things that you promise with consistency:
Position size calculator should not change-the other day Kite reverted to its default 25% from my setting 2%, and I had a bigger loss. You cant save your own default in Kite.
Watchlists keep disappearing from Fyers.
Tradetiger used to change the sequence of columns in Bigtradelist frequently, so that upset my excel sheet calculator.
Prices of brokers are different some days, difficult to explain as all are getting the same feed from NSE.
This wouldn't happen if exchanges let us trade directly.

I'd prefer integrity on basic features. Reliable, honest service lasts.
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I would certainly focus on the basic things you highlighted.

One more thing I have included in the terminal is the Risk Management configuration, which will display the Risk parameters for every trade initiated and position sizing would suggest, based on the capital available, how many qty should be traded. I feel this would help many newbies stop blowing their accounts if they trade as per the system suggestion.

On the data feed, I am not using the broker data feed, I am partnering with Authorized Data vendors to provide affordable data feed.

And most importantly, I want to empower the discretionary traders with algo level execution capabilities, where they dont miss out on trades due to slowness in manual execution.

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