How to use options calculator?


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Hi All,

Does any body know how to use options calculator to calculate the right premium value at which the Call or Put should be buy or sell?

What does these things means -
Interest Rate

And how does dividend date, amount and frequency affects the premium price?

What are the things to consider when using the options calculator?

Any ideas wud be really appreciated.

Hello everyone,

I have developed an OPTION CALCULATOR which can be used to calculate the fair value of the options of an entire chain provided by NSE website, and I am posting it here for review. Those of you who trade options please post your comments. Also suggest some ways to further modify it. I am eagerly waiting for your valuable comments...

P.S. - Those of you who do not trade options please don't comment.

Subrata Bera
hello Subrata,
I think ---ur calculator deserves---a separate thread---I think in that way---all the discussions related to ur calculator----will be stored in a single place---
Apparently appearing good---will give further comments later--

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