How to select an online broker for me?

Amount to invest: 30-50k. I'm creating a portfolio for the first time.... going to spend a year or so just learning with this amount alone.

No. of trades & frequency: 10-15 trades a month or less... basically just making updates to my portfolio after a month or so... if needed.

I do not want to TRADE..... only to INVEST. Indeed, my trades may be less than this... maybe 10-15 per quarter.

So I need your help... hsould I go with a discount broker, or a full service broker?

Also, is there any downside to discount brokers if you invest for long terms? I heard people tell me there's no point going to a discount broker like zerodha if I'm investing and not trading.
You do not need to go with forex broker, that's for sure really. What do you mean not going with Zerodha? It's very good broker for stocks and commodities investment in reality, so please make sure all is fine completely:)
I work with the broker Amarkets, it has been on the market for a long time, it has a good reputation, a large number of customers, but it also provides fairly favorable trading conditions.
You can go for mastertrust, they satisfied client base of 2,50,000, mastertrust has a pan India presence covering 300+locations across 22 states of India.
Well, you can make money with the Amarkets broker, there is a large set of tools, a good leverage, but also specialists who can always help
See that the broker is in a good rating, with good work experience and with a large set of tools for trading.
I agree. people tend to ignore the research part while choosing a broker. So don't forget to take everyone's advice but do your own study and select one as per your needs.

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