How to place order on chart in Foxtrader?


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for past many days I have been searching for info on how to place orders on charts in foxtrader, but I didnt get anything. Has anybody been using foxtrader with TSO?
If somebody knows, please give link to videos or material that describes how to place orders on charts.



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First couple of calls didnt throw any light, but at last someone from there showed me today. I was disappointed as its again buy window and sell window and type in the numbers sort of order placement. What I was hoping was there would be just move the line on chart sort of order placement.
Right, that's indeed very disappointing but I'm not totally surprised either; nonetheless, I hope they'll introduce REAL chart-trading at some point. In any case, I was wondering about trying out their semi-automated system of Planned Orders since orders could potentially be placed at precise points with just one-click, which could be just as fast as chart-trading; although unfortunately, their systems don't allow for automating Van Tharp type of position-sizing, so I might still have to manually calculate & enter quantity, so I don't know how useful their software would be to me anyway. :confused:

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