How to get Realtime chart of BSE/NSE in MetaTrader4(MT4)

everybody know about MT4 platform, most friendly platform and highly sophisticated one for forex(we can load unlimited scripts or expert Advisor(EA) to rely)
and they support automatic trading and everything is free :thumb:

My question is, How to get realtime charts of NSE/BSE in MT4.......??

E D I T:
1) i got MT4 from gcitrading

2) Yes NSE/BSE RT(real time ) chart is available.

Just open demo account for MT4,
then download the MT4 platform from their site,
it ask for some info,
fill it,
then it show username and login directly in MT4 screen,
first time it login itself.
after login, click market watch(Ctrl + M),
click any one symbol,(all are usd/euro and some foreign currencies)
Right CLick and click Showall
Search till bottom, Yes you will get NSE and BSE there
That's it...

I am now searching for how to displaying NSE/BSE Companies, because it showing only index quote/chart.
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