How To Get Images Every Hour Automatically


I wish to know how one can get the chart-images in email on regular intervals like half-hourly or hourly etc. Right now, there is only one option available under EDIT \ IMAGE \ EXPORT TO FILE, but this option does not give us a facility to export the images every half-hour or hour.

With regard to the above, I wrote to Amibroker Support and received a reply which is as below :-

You can automate export using OLE automation interface
For example

AB = new ActiveXObject("Broker.Application");
AB.ActiveWindow.ExportImage( "example.gif", 640, 480 );

(Open notepad, copy-paste above the code, save the file
with .JS extension, double clicking on .JS file will execute it.)

OLE automation can also be used from Visual Basic or
other COM/OLE - aware programs.

To be precise, I could NOT understand it yet and hence, I could not get the images in regular intervals like half-hourly or hourly.

If anybody can guide the whole process OR if someone could make a relevant JS File which can do the needful, then it will be of much help for most of the Amibroker Users .........


if anyone want help in amibroker chart image..
i can help

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