How to get back STT paid on ITM Options on Expiry, probably with a Booty!

I came across this mooted stt claim ex this thread of yours ...good one but can you clarify following aspects .. how is the figure 800 achieved by your formula ...

Closing price as per your formula is stt / 0.125 which means stt paid / 12.5 = 80 not 800

So now tell me why you should get back payment and if one claims payment on what formula and basis do claim ..

Your reply is urgently solicited so that broker can be served with a notice from my side
OptionsRight, you are getting confused with closing price and last traded price.

So for both, indices or stocks, closing price daily (for MTM) or on expiry day (for final settlement), is the weighted average of last 30 mins of trades.

The STT on exercised (ITM) options on the expiry day is charged on the closing price as defined above. It is not charged on the LTP.

STT 0.0005 is charged even if we square off bought call, so If we do not square off then exchange will square off our bought call, then how much STT is applicable. it is same as or that STT charge is different.

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