How to find good stocks ?

When you are looking for new stocks to invest in, you must take time to research and understand the business. Keep your emotions at bay when you are trying to make good investment decisions.
As a beginner, you can base your decision on what you find on the internet. With time, when you get a better understanding of the market, you can start doing your own analysis to find good stocks to invest in.
If you want to trade instead of investing, I wouldn't recommend you to trade with stocks. I would prefer trading more volatile instruments like currency pairs or cryptocurrencies.
Forex Trading is much more better than the stock trading, if you have the knowledge regarding the same, else I would become the medium to lose all of capital.
If you are interested in trading stocks, I would recommend you choosing the most popular assets like Apple stocks, Facebook, Tesla and something like that. The main essense of choosing the most volatile stocks is the fact that they are very liquid and they can also offer you many trading opportunities as their prices are constantly changing. More than that, I strongly advise to start with buying instead of going short as this operation needs some basic understanding and hedging.

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