How to fetch NSE EOD data in Excel...macro


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Firstly I DON'T require data in Excel from trading terminals and feeed to charting s/w using excel.
Members have posted such wonderful utilties.

Mine requirement - i prepare watchlist of stock in excel and enter in some of them at appropriate times.
Now is it possible to daily update closing price in that excel ? I seen some excels where data is pulled from NSE using macros, especially in options.

Well it will be good if it can updated couple times during trading hours.

Can some one guide me in this.


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goto data tab --> select from web --> insert web address -->select content which u want --> click import --> in properties select the time which u want to auto refresh and all other options
simple :)
can u pls prepare such sheet? say fetching data for reliance equity


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thanks Pakatil, u have made nice graphs. But my requirement is simple.
I just want to see how much a scrip is +/- from my buy price. I can do it either by viewing charts one by one OR i can make a excel and feed daily CMP ....which i want to automate


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reliance cash data.....
refresh duration??
i will be fetching data from yahoo finance is that ok??:) data.
Any source from which i can get reasonably reliable figures.

I don't want auto refresh as it's EOD. Well ,but at times i wish to check 3-4 times in a day.

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