How to feed NSE .csv file data in Omnitrader

I want to purchase Omnitrader.
I have NSE data in .csv files.
I need guidance --how to feed this data in Omnitrader?
Omni trader guide book says it can take data in metastock, or csi format.
Help is requested.

I do not have metastock downloader.
Omnitrader manual tellus that ---we should tell it the directory where metastock format data is available. It would then pickup company names and later data.
It seems we should refer it to a directory similar to data directory in metastock software. I do not have metastock software.
How to create above type of data directory?
Hi Kgsirasangi,
It may not be possible to use your .csv data directly with out converting it to metastock data. Metastock data format is a proprietary format of Equis. It stores the data in a particular format: the list of stocks is stored in a master file and the actual data is stored in individual files. You must convert your data in to metastock format using some utility. You can use this utility to convert the ascii data (including the NSE bhav(.CSV)) in to a directory and then point the Omnitrader to that directory.Be careful while updating as it will not recognise the serial order of dates and will take the date and append as you feed it.

I am uploading an utility herewith. This is a free utility: so I am not breaking any rules I suppose. Be warned that this is a commandline utility. But it is very well explained in a readme file with examples.You have different options in it. You can also download the same from:
Hope this helps.
Have a nice day.
Goofed up. Could not attach the file as it does not confirm to the file format allowed. But you can download the latest version from the url above.

renu daga

Well-Known Member
i ahve used omni,,,,it takes data from the metatsock directory only,,,it cannot run without metastcok,,,,if u have meta,,then go the meta directory foder and select easy/selec all...and then it wil add all,,in a named portfolio

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