how to be a world class trader?


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Everyone comes to market for different reason some to make quick money, some retired people for pass time, some for their day jobs, some for selling tips, some for training. Some for world class now.

you need all the things that will keep you going till there.
Money and freedom are possible in only few fields like trading
Becoming world class at any profession is not simple, just asking seniors to share their views


MM is the holy grail
I dont know about world class trader. But i can share what i do and how i approach trading

1) as per me if you want to make good money in trading move to higher tf's like EOD/WEEKLY/MONTHLY. this is what i am doing but in a slow manner and its my goal to completely switch to such tf's rather than slogging myself on lower tf's/ EOD/weekly are my preferred tf's. I trade from from the long side only and that is also the plan for long term.

2) once you switch to such TF's things become very easy provided you have patience & discipline. if you have these 2 good habits any decent rule based muti time frame trading plan can and will make you money. even plan based around simple PB to moving averages will work (elder comes to my mind here with triple screen ).
Agree with this bhai.

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