How many Nifty points on an average you get per month per one lot.

How many Nifty points on an average you get per month per one lot.

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Thank you everyone for participating in the poll.

Although we don't have a large number of people who have participated as of today. Just to analyse the result, only 10.7% (3/28*100) of people are losing in trading. A recent analysis by Zerodha, in their trading challenge, found around 10 percent of traders were profitable. Glad to know in Traderji we have 90 percent winners! :D

Consistency matters more

Assuming 200 points gain in Nifty trading every month on a capital of Rs 100000, if we can continue to add 1 lot with every increase of 1 lakh rupees in capital, we can get the following performance. The table with the chart is attached below showing the performance of 48 months (4 years)

While this kind of calculation using excel has very less relevance. The objective of trading should always be to remain consistent and to limit the draw-down to minimum. It doesn't matter much if you get 100 or more than 600 points as long as the performance can remain consistent with multiple lots over a longer term.

Please continue to vote and share the link with your friends. Thank you.
very good equity curve. Wish my ledger goes up like this :DD

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