How long it takes to learn a Programming Language


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EasyLanguage (TradeStation) is the best programming language for traders.
PowerLanguage (MultiCharts) almost fully compatible with EasyLanguage.
C is the basis for many programming languages (MetaTrader MQL, AmiBroker AFL etc).
C# use many trading platforms (NinjaTrader, Wealth-Lab etc).

Start learning from C and EasyLanguage.


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Each language makes certain assumptions and has its own idiosyncracies and each language developer criticises other language sometimes just to prove superiority of whatever he/she created.

Python is space sensitive case sensitive interpreted language with emphasis on command line. Code must be laid out vertically only. Even one inadvertent tab character or extra space (invisible in editor) can cause extremely hard-to-detect error. Python marketers claim that it has huge library stash but usually for effective usage of library, you need to figure out the functioning of the library in hardest possible way. Documentation is rare and good documentation is almost non existent. Same variable in one line can be dictionary and in next line be something else. You can define a python function with two parameters and invoke it by passing four parameters without any error as long as there is some other function being called (on stack) that understands the additional two parameters.

If you are a newbie, you usually develop a (bad) habit of writing code in one giant function from top to bottom, you will go bald trying to indent the code.

Amibroker is space insenstive case insensitive interpreted language with emphasis on chart and visual rendering. Code layout is free - form. Extra space or tab do not matter. Default editor provides color notification for bracket matching so you can develop giant code with your hair held intact.
Same variable cannot become array on one line and scalar on next.

Amibroker ships with reasonable library with sincere attempt at documentation both within software and in websites.. To overcome any limitations, Amibroker allows you to write code in VB Script, JScript, C++ or even C# for extra features.

Python attempts to do every possible thing for every possible trader and there are many trading libraries in python. Learning all of them is impossible and almost all of them need advanced command prompt skills.
Amibroker attempts to do limited thing for trading and does most of it at visual level.
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out of place in this thread but anyway ..

Coding in python is a lot lot more fun ... It can be very concise. Amount of tedious work i have to do gets reduced vs some other languages including c++. If i mention AB then whole group of AB lovers will start preaching. But anyway it has great charting and its for a niche while python is more generic.
And python has some very good IDEs available. pycharm is great. They all have their place, use what you like/need. I used to work with java and then c++ but ever since i started working with python few years back, i have just stopped working with others. And i have not even learned it formally. Just google is enough to get you started. Documentation is good and exhaustive even for libs like panda and you have super support from stack-exchange type of sites. Just google a question and 99% of the time you get your answer without even asking.


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for amibroker afl c+++ needed? a layman's query
Perhaps, Understanding of C is more important that C++ because most C++ books tend to focuse on classes.
There is no language named as C+++


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i dont have any idea of programming.but may need it in future. any way suppose for learning python ,do i need to install any software first?
No need to install any software. you can go to nearest Bikaner chaat centre and eat samosas till Gods of Python shower their blessings upon you.

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