how is SAS online

Wanted to know regarding your experiences with SAS online ........says 999 is the monthly requirement for equity and f&o unlimited

Request you to share your experiences regarding the same.
Even I am interested to trade with SAS. Any information regarding their service will be of great help. I basically need a discount online broker who provides DP services as well. I want to use my shares as margin to trade in futures. I think SAS provides DP services. Request people to suggest any broker that can provide above mentioned service. Currently I am trading with Zerodha. Thanks
It appears to be a copy of zerodha with lower brokerage rates. They do charge a stamp duty at 0.002%, zerodha is flat INR 50/contract as they are based in Karnataka.
Yes,they have 999 plan for month for any number of trading in a month and also 9Rs per executed trade plan(18Rs for buy and sell) for any number of lot or equity.If u compare with zerodha its almost same in brokerage, but Sas is not dealing in commodity trading yet which they said will be starting soon.Also,they have an app for android phones on which you can do trading.I am telling this all because am one of their client .
Hi All, I want bring all of your notice about SASONLINE RMS rules. I'm a equity option trader, one day i placed order for 70PE SELL order executed and 60 PE BYE order rejected ( CMP was around RS59). I called customer care and complained about my issue. I got strange answer was " DUE TO RMS RULES WE STOPPED TRADING ON 60PE ". As per there internal RMS rules( not defined by NSE) they will stop trading if trade quantity which is less than 25. I got surprised and asked about "WHY you enable 70PE there total traded quantity was less than 4(at that time i was traded)" . I got answer as per there RMS rules they enabled 70PE. I requested to share there RMS policy for client awareness, they rejected my request and told that is internal :( Finally I opened account with other broker also.I Observed issue only with OPTION trading, other trading(equity cash and future etc ) is good in SASONLINE.

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