How is Anand Rathi?


Today I got a call from Anand Rathi. The rep offered me stars and said yes to all my requests: 0.5% for equities, 0.05% for derivatives, min balance, professional relationship manager to give advise, free sms alerts, free call and trade and what not?

Any feedback from those who already have experience with Anand Rathi?

I am also of the opnion as that of Rahul Trader. I had made repeated enquiries with them for A/c. opening but no reply. Ashwirag is lucky to have reply from Anand Rathi.


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Dear Ashwirag,
I am from chennai & trading with Anand Rathi almost for the past one year.I am a small trader only & my experience with them till now is good.To my knowledge,as seen & heard from my fellow traders ,they do not seem to differentiate between small & big traders.They have a seperate branch for serving to HNI.Reg brokerage,depending on yr vol,you can negotiate with them which is the case with any broker.You could do NSE,BSE & commodities with them.They also provide you on line recommendation for intra day & investment recommendations both in cash & future.Conduct technical seminars by the experts for the clients once in a way & have inhouse magazine aswell.Their back office and payments are good.
Any specific problem,pl inform & i will get it clarified from them.
Happy trading,
Thanks Rangarajan, for your inputs.

I have a few queries, please let me know your views:
1. Can I get a dedicated Relationship Manager who advises me on a daily basis? He/she should be able to operate on my behalf based on my standing instructions.
2. I have been offered free telephonic/sms support at all times. Is it true?
3. How frequent are the recommendations? How strong is their research?
4. Is the desktop software user-friendly? How is the connectivity during peak hours?



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Dear Ashwirag,
yr quetions,
2.yes,provided yr vols are good & the concerned operator is dedicated.
3.I am not a frequent user & whenever i had tried,the results were not satisfactory.
4.yes & Good.They use Odion.
Happy trading & Happy New Year
It sucks !! aftr taking 88 signagatures in a book like form it is almost 3 weeks i am waitin for my account to be active really suckss !!
Advice dont go for it !! If account activation takes this much tim u must b imaginin how much tim it ll take to get the amount to be credited to ur account these guyz r still cheaters as alwyz !! mad:
I emailed Anand rathi a few months ago on email ID that is on their site. My email bounced back as their email box was full. Tells you a lot about how many queries they receive and may be never bother to answer.

Needless to say, I never opened an account with them.

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