How do you do trading set up for options?

Hi Guys,

I have started paper trading (intraday) (which I will do for 3 months) before starting trading with actual money. I am doing paper trading with Index Options. I correctly trade only with Nifty Options. I just wanted to know how to do a trading setup on a single monitor. Do we need to have both Nifty and Option chart open at the same time or anyone of these at the time?

Please check the screenshot from my trading setup below and if possible please share your trading setup in reply!

Thanks in advance




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Please explain your goal... what you want to achieve... what is your target and timeframe to reach that target.... these will help decide how you trade options...

Unless you want to do intraday trading... or scalping... I think chart 'setup' is not needed for options...

I use higher timeframe charts (minimum hourly) to determine trend and important levels for finding suitable strike for taking position

Thank you.

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