How best to understand share market

The share market pragmatically is the market to trade the shares of the company. The company is legal entity and an artificial person. This person in question is run by many life persons to run its product and share the profit .Thus an energy is infused in cyclical order and as this energy is put on in the world at large it assumes the life perputal and law also descirbes company is an aritifical person with perpetual existence not exactly immortalised or eternalised but does not depend on the life of one unit but as runs with collective wisdom turns to perpetuality till its object and vision is shared and like by the people at large participating in the activity of the company.

The company share is held by various indiviuals ,bodies corporate,group and is
workstation of its creator,manager,workers,advisor and associate groups and ancillary companies and its clients and coustomers. The service of each when classified in the best in all respect the vision is surfaced by team of planner and executers and resulting fruit is tasted by public at large , the company get corporate image.

thus the company shares emerge in the market on its multidimensional growth and the liking of people make it grow to better heights and excellent track records post more heights and ultimately achieves the status corporate
leader.Another feather is required for the company when its creativity and its product variety faces the modern class and is well qualified in adoration of the mass and the class.

To best understand the stock market the understand of the company nature is essential.

As the company fulfills the above management skills and fiscal wills , she is nailed to the market and the player of the market play with the emotions of the company, mind of the company,intellect of the company and wisdom of the company. The script bounces up and down with natural forces, market forces the govt. forces the policy of the state and world economic forces keep the script of your taste in bouncy state and becomes game for many of us.

Creativity.methodically,systems and rich robes are the essential features of the company,if it fails in one it trails in two hence out of the rail.

The companies of the state reflect the character and mind of the state to which it belongs and also reflects the character and visions of so many people coming together in which the company grow in their laps.

My humble submission is if the state knows co-operative believes cooperative and has collective wisdom and faith in their visions the state grows and country grows and ultimately world grow to its sacred dimensions.

I hope u shall agree and in acse u dont please spot my error of judgement so that i may add to my belief. With regrads .

I quoate-:

Beyond object is our senses,
beyond senses is our emotional intellect,
beyond emotion is our lower mind,
beyond lower mind is our intellect.
beyond mind is universal mind.
beyond this mind is the soul, beyond soul is HIGHER SOUL.
The eternal one.
How best to understand

The more events u introduce and see its effect on the market u learn more ,little introduction of policy and relief make the market dance to its tunes and u feel it live.
dear member,
it is very difficult to understand /predict share market,yet we can try to know it through the factors involverd should start with the advice of an expert in order to gain.our decision should not be based on operaters crooked clues.a starter must atleast know about basic terms like FACE VAUE,CMP,P/E RATIO,EPS,HOLDING PATTERNS,ASSETS,RESERVES, RISKS AND BUSINESS OF COMPANY .......ETC,before entry to this market.dont believe in COMERCIAL RUMORS created by non technical people/groups/sites working for their own sakes. wish u all the bests.

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