Historical Stock Market Intraday Replay

Hi friends,

Is it possible to replay the whole stock market using any software / special data feeds, just in order to test strategies?

For example: today's 23/06/09, and if I want the replay of any previous date, say for example 15/06/09. I want to replay the whole stock market of that day. Whole trading hours, so that I can test my intraday strategies.

Is it possible using any software / special data feeds???

Till date I am yet to find something that can help me replay the entire stock market (or at least an index) so that I can check whether my intraday strategies would have worked in the past or not.

Plz help.


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in GCI try strategy tester.
You Should Use Amibroker , In Amibroker You Will Find BarReplay Feature Which Will Play Any Stock from The Date You Have Choosed And Even You Can Play According to the Intervals Such As 5 min,15 Min To Test Your Strategy


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eSignal also has this market reply facility.

There are many expert VBA / Excel programmer on out forum.
Can someone write a VBA script which can read OHLC data from say Sheet 2 of the file.
and with each click of a button, draws a new bar based on data from next row.

Really powerful way to learn and test chart reading skills.

Happy Trading.
Thanks for replying guys, but you didn't understood me.

I don't want to replay charts. I want to replay "tick-data".

All the solutions that all you guys mentioned relates to chart. But I want to replay "tick-data".


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