Historical and Implived Volatility

Usage of Option Calculator


I am new to options tading and have a basic questions

1) How do we find Overpriced options or underprced otions??
2) How do we use the Optons calculator in Indian context?? For ex how much Rate of intrest should be used?? Do weekend count on time to expiry etc

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Where do we find the Historical and Implied Volataity for Nifty?? Links to NSE site also will help. How shoudl we intrepret if HV>IV or vice versa??

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Usage of VIX Index in India


NSE is publishing the VIX data for Nifty?? How do we use the same in Trading ( to either buy or sell options )

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VIX data in India


How do we use VIX data on Nifty ?? How do we know if it is LOW or HIGH??

Can you please give examples while buying or seliing options??

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Thanks for the response.
I presume that it is HV.

But there are many values in the excel. Can you please help us understand/intrepret them. Thanks in advance

Previous Day Underlying Volatility (D) Current Day Underlying Daily Volatility (E) = Sqrt (0.94*D*D + 0.06* C*C) Underlying Annualised Volatility (F) = E*sqrt(365) Current Day Futures Daily Volatility (K) = Sqrt (0.94*J*J + 0.06* I*I) Futures Annualised Volatility (L) = K*sqrt(365) Applicable Daily Volatility (M) = Max (E or K) Applicable Annualised Volatility (N) = Max (F or L)


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