Hire me as Trading Assistant. You NO need to look your Trading acct all the time!


Working as Trading Assistant. Hire me !!
As a trading assistant, my job is to manage your acct as per your requirements. I do not trade your acct on my idea ever.

Example scenarios:

1. You are subscribed to some premium calls group in telegram, my task will be upon receiving instructions to enter/exit, I take trades in your account.

2. You run some strategies in software like Amibroker/ NinjaTrader/ Sensibull/ Streak, when the strategy provides a signal, I take a trade on your trading account.

3. You subscribed to algos in Tradetron or similar algo marketplaces, my task is to watch closely everything going without errors, and in case of any errors, alert you or reach help support team and resolve it.

4. You trade forex pairs through premium calls subscription or live video calls then I will take entries in your forex account or you use a copy trade system then I have to make sure all orders go fine.

5. You run a trading-related blog/website or telegram group/channel or mobile app or a forum, where I can be a support person or moderator or content administrator.

6. You don’t want to hire me on monthly basis, but You want one-time help, maybe a one-time consultation or setup/integration or resolving an error in something. You can ping me on telegram or mobile.

7. Any other possibility of working with you. I am ready to learn anything that is entirely away from my current trading industry experience. I have a passion for the industry.

DM me to discuss your requirement, and I can assure you that I can help with that.

Timings: My full-time job is “Trading Assistant”. So I am available to work at this time 8.45 a.m IST to 11.15 p.m IST. Discuss your timing requirements.

Markets: I am ready to work in NSE, BSE, CDS, MCX and international forex markets that use MT4, MT5 or any other trader terminal of forex brokers.

Brokers: I have experienced Zerodha, Upstox, 5Paisa, Alice blue, finvasia, Angelone majorly and a few more brokers from time to time.

Communication channels: Gmail, Telegram, Whatsapp. I am available through calls, video calls, chats and all.

For more specific requirements, please do a free consultation with me to get a solution.

Thank you all.
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