dear friends
I have 100 shares of hindaco & I am eligible for the right issue. I waqnt to know about the payment criteria & the selling strategy of the issue. Am I eligible to sell the shares received through right issue.

waiting for reply
Record date as mentioned above was 28th Novemeber. If you held the shares on that date you should receive the rights issue form (i already have yesterday). you can wait because the issue opens on 19th december, so you have 4-5 days, before you should try and contact the agents to the issue. will try to post details of the same.

the payment will be the same way as that of an IPO, except you get to choose how many shares you want from what they offer (For eg, 1 have been offered 60 and am accepting all 60). Yes as soon as the shares are registered into your demat a/c, you can sell the shares hence making use of the arbitrage opportunity (should be about Rs. 10 difference per share).

I give you a BOW. thanks your advise which i guess must have given everyone a sigh of relief. Feel gr8 being on Traderji...

Thanks gain

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