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hi All

I am holding 1600 shares of HINDALCO and till now not received right share application forms . I sent mail to Hindalco and requsted for duplicate form. Now the time is going to be running out . To add my misery i am staying in Sharjah & to get duplicate form before last date is remote . Please any one can advice - Any other way i can apply for the right shares .

Anil Sharjah.
Hi all

I got reply rom HINDLCO . I am attaching the mail , may be useful for others.


Anil Kumar

" The Letter of offer in relation to the Right Issue has been dispatched to the shareholders of Hindalco Industries Limited (the "Company" ). In compliance with Indian Law, the Company has dispatched the Letter of Offer at shareholder's Indian Address as appearing in our records.

Any NRI shareholder, if provide the alternate Indian Address for which the Letter of Offer may be sent, we will send the Letter of Offer on that alternate Indian Address.

However if you can also apply on the plain paper. Further you have to give a declaration that you are not a US resident and beneficiary.

The procedure for applying on plain paper is as follow.

Application on Plain Paper

An Equity Shareholder who has neither received the original CAF nor is in a position to obtain the duplicate CAF may make an application to subscribe to the Issue on plain paper, along with an Account Payee Cheque drawn on a local bank at Mumbai/ Demand Draft payable at Mumbai which should be drawn in favor of the Company and send the same by registered post directly to the Registrar to the Issue at the following address






TEL (91 40) 2343 1546

FAX (91 40) 2343 1551

Email : [email protected]

Contact person : Mr. Murali Krishna

The application on plain paper, duly signed by the applicants including joint holders, in the same order as per specimen recorded with the Company, must reach the office of the Registrar to the Issue before the Issue Closing Date and should contain the following particulars:

· Name of Issuer, being Hindalco Industries Limited.

· Name and address of the Equity Shareholder including joint holders

· Registered Folio Number/ DP and Client ID no.

· Number of shares held as on Record Date

· Number of Rights Equity Shares entitled

· Number of Rights Equity Shares applied for

· Number of additional Equity Shares applied for, if any

· Total number of Equity Shares applied for

· Total amount paid at the rate of Rs. 24/- per Equity Share

· Particulars of cheque/draft

· Savings/Current Account Number and name and address of the bank where the Equity Shareholder will be depositing the refund order

· PAN/GIR number, Income Tax Circle/Ward/District, photocopy of the PAN card/ PAN communication / Form 60 / Form 61 declaration where the application is for Equity Shares of a total value of Rs.50,000 or more for the applicant and for each applicant in case of joint names

· Signature of Equity Shareholders to appear in the same sequence and order as they appear in the records of the Company

Payments in such cases, should be through a cheque/ demand draft payable at Mumbai be drawn in favor of the Bankers to the Issue marked €˜A/c Payee€™ and marked €˜Name of the Bank A/c Hindalco Industries Limited Rights Issue€™.

Please note that those who are making the application otherwise than on original CAF shall not be entitled to renounce their rights and should not utilize the original CAF for any purpose including renunciation even if it is received subsequently. If the applicant violates any of these requirements, he/she shall face the risk of rejection of both the applications as well as forfeiture of amounts remitted along with the applications.
Best Regards,

Anil Malik

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