Highest value in future 15 days?

HHV(H,10) <- this only looks the preceeding 10 days including today
However, I would like to look at the highest value of 10 days start counting FROM today.

More explanation:
Say today is 20/10/2013, I write some AFL that have past signal, but I don't want to use backtest, as not yet learn well, say 1/10/2013 have a signal of buy, i would like to on 1/10/2013 field (as now it's 20/10/2013 already), to find the highest value of 10 days(calendar), i.e. 2/10/2013 - 11/10/2013 highest value. and then calculate the return.

Also I want to have a check on the maximum bars that I have as at 1/10/2013 to avoid error. i.e. today 1/10/2013, latest bar is 20/10/2013, probably, i.e. 20.

Please help!!! million thanks.

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