hidden jewels

there are few underlying jewels in the market
my fav picks:
titanor components tgt-352{5mts}
ksb pumps tgt-500{2mts}
dewan housing-tgt-110{4mts}
absolutely.ksb and titanor{choloroalkaline business d'nero group} are mnc companies where as dewan will be benefited frm booming housing sector.ksb and titanor have already formed higher bottms where as dewan is consolidating at 52-55 levels and may take off any time.
ritwika_rc said:
How have you identified these stocks? Through technical or fundamental analysis?
these are identified by techno funda analysis.lets take it one by one
ksb-infrastructure play.mnc.have made double bottom.although low liquidity but that leads to huge moves on day of higher volumes
titanor-world leader d,nero group corrected from its high formed highr bottom at 190and bounced {my fav}
dewan housing -a play on housing boom.good mang. and currently cons at 52-55 range may give a bounce any time trust me ritwika

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